Fostering Your Potential

Our Story

What if we could make every day a motivated day? What if we could support our mind, body and soul to help us achieve our most sought after goals? That’s what our founders had in mind when creating Lit & Lucid™.

Lit & Lucid™ is a lifestyle. It’s a calling and a spark to motivate you to reach your true potential. We know first hand that life is filled with daily challenges, that’s life right!? But we don’t have to let the challenges weigh us down in our journey.

All of our products are handcrafted to help you foster that potential and make every single day count.

Mushroom Capsules | Lit & Lucid™
Mushroom Capsules | Lit & Lucid™

About Lit & Lucid

Lit & Lucid is a lifestyle brand dedicated to fostering the human potential.

Building upon Jarrod and Lucy’s 12+ years combined experience in the cannabis industry they hope to not only educate, but inspire individuals to reach their true potential. Through their educational podcast and lifestyle products Lit & Lucid™ aims to support a more positive human experience. 

Made With Love

Handcrafted, Small Batch Capsules

Colorado Grown Hemp
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It’s a Lifestyle.

Lit & Lucid™ is more than a name, it’s a lifestyle. We are committed to creating balance in your life so you can tackle whatever the universe throws your way!

Blends That Balance. 

Yin and yang, that’s balance baby. This is the synergy we’ve created with our mood-specific blends; a harmonious fusion of mushrooms and herbs so you can achieve that goal, get that raise or just merely get through that mid-week grind.

Excellence First.

We use our products too. Knowing that, our blends come with no bullshit. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Ancient Ingredients

From the Earth

Consciously Crafted

Wellness Blends

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Consciously Crafted

Wellness Blends

Balance Your

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